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Dear patient,

Why are lymphedema and lipedema patients often inadequately taken care of?

Even after intensive therapy in a special lymphological clinic, a break in the patient's daily routine often seems to occur afterwards.  Frequently, the prescribed measures cannot be implemented in everyday life and there is a lack of daily guidance.

In AGAPLESION EV. BATHILDISK HOSPITAL, we have therefore developed a concept unique in Germany, which aims to integrate lymphatic therapeutic modalities suitable for everyday use. The heart of this concept is the care of lymphatic and lipedema patients by a lymphological team - starting with a short hospital stay (AGAPLESION EV. BATHILDISK HOSPITAL) and ending with the de-escalation phase in the Clinic Dr. Otto Buchinger.

The Buchinger Clinic, in cooperation with the Bathildis Hospital in Bad Pyrmont, is now offering a worldwide unique treatment package – a three-week therapy that combines the well-known and proven therapy of fasting with the lymphatic decongestive therapy.

The complex treatment process is summarized HERE.

Dr. med. Ulrich Augenstein represents the lymphological concept. Dr. med. Verena Buchinger-Kähler the fasting.

Complicated situations, such as chronic wounds, varicose veins, arterial occlusive disease, etc., can be addressed as well as the need for liposuction or tissue removal at a later stage. The protective environment of the acute care clinic also provides the necessary safety in the case of endangered patients (for example in the case of cardiac or renal insufficiency) during the decongestion phase.

After a joint visit in which your medical condition and requests are discussed, you will start with fasting on the second day of your stay. The fasting will then be continued in the Bathildis Hospital and helps support the effective decongestion. The fasting, if necessary a calorie-reduced ovolacto-vegetarian nutrition plan with whole foods, will also be continued in the Buchinger Clinic after the acute stay. Not only does this help to reduce weight in a healthy way, but also helps you to be mindful of your body's signals as you resume nutritional intake. Therapeutic fasting acts like a vacation for your organs, the size of the stomach is reduced in a natural way, not only providing a special sensitivity to "fullness" but also to seasoning or sweetness of foods. The anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects reduce cellulite and edema.

Metabolic disorders such as metabolic syndrome or type 2 diabetes mellitus can be treated simultaneously. Our specially trained team of nutritionists designs an individual nutrition concept in consultation with you. During your stay at the Buchinger Clinic, the lymphological treatment will be continued and monitored by both doctors throughout the entire time. The wide range of services available at the Buchinger Clinic makes it possible to provide you with an individual sports program that suits your needs and which can also be integrated into everyday life.

All other offers of the clinic, such as traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy, balneotherapy and psychological coaching can also be integrated into your stay.

Our common goal is to create a lymphological therapy plan for you in the last third of your stay  - one that can be implemented at home for everyday use. We also gladly accompany and advise you on any upcoming treatments or operations.
Your continuing success should then be secured by your change in lifestyle and therapeutic aids that were pointed out to you during your stay.

Experience a unique combination therapy of naturopathy and conventional medicine, which brings you closer to your personal goal and back into everyday life.

We look forward to seeing you!

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Dr. med. Ulrich Augenstein

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